Can you spot the difference?

I planted Gherkins

I harvested Lebanese.

I think someone stuffed up at the seed packing factory. Anyway, i am not a big fan of Lebanese type cucumber, they taste to cucumbery to me, I much prefer a Gherkin which is not actually a cucumber, its in the Curcubit family but Gherkins are Melothria and cucumber are Cucumis Sativus.

How is that for a science lesson HAHA. Anyway i am pickling cucumber, not pickling gherkins. So sad, but I’ve grown them, now i gotta eat them now, even though cucumber taste like sad.


Mood Lighting

Out in the shackety shack, watching the FT8 on 40m in mood lighting. A couple of LED strips bring just enough light to see the keyboard and not attract every flying insect for miles around. The windows have fly screens, but man some of the bugs here can even get thought that. HAHA. The bastards.



Useful Home Brew For The New Shack

Once upon a time in the old shack I could never find the tool I wanted just about ever. They were all piled into a spot with no sense of order. So after unpacking things and having them sit on the bench in a mess, I figured I would go out to the garage and build a nice caddy to store them all in. Other than needing to drill a couple of hole a bit bigger, It should do the job.

Welcome back home brew HAHAHA


Wonderful Weather If You Are A Duck

So, between watching the cricket, pontificating on QRZ, pondering the greater meaning of life and how to setup my shack and what I will do for lighting and finally doing some FT8 on 15m and enjoying the view from my window, I have to admit, even though its pissing rain, I wonder how the other half are living, cause this is gold.