Fun With Raspberry Pi

So i was going to make a really nice post today explaining the things I was doing with the raspberry pi. Instead, I have spent the last hour fighting with windows to give me access to the SD card on my phone so I could add this picture to the post. Why is it, that windows always breaks something every time they run and update and we have no option but to update or the scammers will hijack our shit.

If it was not for HRD, Diptrace, Vegas Movie Maker, and Photoshop i would dump this pile of windows shit and go linux. Well then I would have the problem that my HP keyboard does not play well with it because it defaults to multi media keys for the function keys. Nothing is ever simple. So my spend a few hours tonight learning how to so some cool things with the Pi ended up being a waste of time dicking about trying to get a picture off my phone.

HAHAHA. Failure is always an option.