A Great Victory

I love CW, I am also rather crap at CW, but now and again i like to have a go just to see what happens, sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. This story is the latter HAHA.

Something i do now and again when bored, it drop the the bottom of the band and hit the auto keyer on the radio and just leave it call CQ for 10mins. Bottom parts of the bands are often dead, conditions have not been all that good for a while for anything other than FT8. But with the sun spots and solar flairs, other modes are looking up.

So last night after getting bored with FT8 I dropped down to CW on 15m tuned around and heard 1 station in the UK calling CQ, i worked him and then found a frequency to park on and call CQ. After 10mins of calling I was just about to call it a night and then out the blue someone came back to my call.

I was not prepared for this, no time time to pray to god, i was on my own. So, i copied the call quite ok, UA3DEQ, entered that into my log and proceeded to send him a report. This is where things went really really wrong.

I was making mistakes and making corrections and worst of all, he kept sending back NO NO NO UA3DEQ. This morning, in a moment of clarity realized that I was not sending Q dah dah di dah, I was sending L dah di dah dah. HAHAHA what a moron. I did send Igor an email and explained my predicament and he seemed understanding. I really need to work on my CW skills a lot more. With the sunspots improving and moving into the new solar cycle, I am going to have to spend a lot more time doing CW and much less time doing FT8.

I did get there in the end and sent Q a few times, survival, that was my great victory.


20m CW


I know I work a lot of FT8, mostly because that is where all the action is at. But I also like to dabble in a little CW. I am not much of of a CW op, but i know enough to be dangerous. So most times when I am doing some radio, I also drop down to the bottom of the band and call CQ for 5 to 10 minutes just to see whats going on. As you can see, I was being spotted in quite a number of places, some with with a signal strength strong enough to work quite comfortably. The problem is, there is no one listening on CW.


Last Night On 15m

As you can see by the WSJT waterfall, 15m was going bonkers. Its great to see so much action on there.

The band was open all day and in the evening time, opened into the EU. Cant say I did all that well but I managed to make one contact into the EU and it is my first contact for the new solar cycle, it was with a station in Poland. You can see on the map i was not really being heard all that much in the EU. Probably not quite the sunspot numbers I need for my simple vertical antenna to be reliable enough. But seeing its still only early doors on the new cycle, things are looking promising. I did also spend 15m calling cq on CW, self spotted on the cluster and all and nothing. It was worth a shot.