Cancel Culture: I’ve Been Canceled


I was actually the first F-Call to ever win the DXer of the year award from the WIA. I did it before the changes that allowed F-Calls to use digital mode. The WIA website used to show on its leaderboard that I had achieved this award in 2016 and would have also won it in 2014 and 2015. But not anymore. I have been canceled by the WIA and every trace of what I achieved as an F-Call has been removed from the website entirely. Not sure whose cornflakes i pissed on, but here we are rewriting history to suit their agenda. I got the trophy, i wonder if they are coming next to take that back also HAHAHA.

Jesus, ham radio politicians are so thin skinned and pissweak individuals and then they wonder why no one wants to join their club of fuckwittery.


Finally, A Contact

Did a little bit of work on the antenna and have come to the conclusion that I need to isolate the antenna from the mast to make it work properly. The way it stands right now, the entire garden shed frame is the counterpoise and that means I cannot tune each band by the radials as i should. I also need to add in a 1:1 balun to isolate the feedline also so its not part of the antenna as well.

But anyway, that aside, I got on the CW today and thought i would hit up the RBN to see what is happening. I was calling on 10m initially and my computer crashed, while i was dicking about with it someone came back to my call, pretty sure it was a VK3 but i was not really paying attention and missed the opportunity.

So off to do a tour of the bands, 15m was next and not much doing there and then 20m. So while calling on 20m I kind of got sidetracked with something else and just left the auto caller running and after about 15mins I actually made a contact with ZL1BWG. He was kind of weak to me, but got his call after a couple of tries and made the contact.

So its good to finally have the monkey off the back and to have made 1 CW contact in 6 weeks of trying. I have worked quite a few parks stations on CW, but this was the first one of me calling CQ. So thats a good thing. Now, i need to spend some time tomorrow working on this antenna and getting things just right and everything should be ticketyboo. Ticketyboo I tell you 😉



Starting To Feel Human Again

I should have actually posted this a week ago, but, have had the flu and pretty much have been in bed for a week. Just the flu mind you, not covid, but it really knocked the crap out of me, but thankfully I am slowly starting to feel human again and able to actually do something more than sleep and cough my guts out.

So i started to get the antenna situation here somewhat more permanent with the tribander now up in the air in its final location. I still have the radials to sort out and tune each band better, but initial thoughts is that the antenna hears better than where it was on the front deck.

But all things are not perfect, what I do have now is what i think is a ground loop. The noise that you see in the waterfall is actually noise from my PC.

The short video here shows the problem in detail. My gut feeling is that because the mast of the antenna is now grounded, rather than floating is that I have a ground loop happening. The entire garden frame is at ground potential, so i got a few ideas on how to solve the problem other than just turning off the computer. LOL

One thing for certain, i am getting a lot more spots on the RBN with the antenna in its current home. So onward and upwards. Now all i need to do is not feel like death and be able to get a 40m antenna back up since i broke my portable dipole and to maybe isolate the mast for the tri bander so its not all at ground potential and causing the loop noise i have.

But that is all for another day. For now, its back to bed and getting healthy again.