A Rainbow


I know I have been quiet here, have not been doing much of anything worth talking about. Need to fix both my antenna’s before I can do any radio stuff. In the mean time, here is a picture of a rainbow.


The Robust Ctenotus

Don’t like rockeries because they can harbor snakes and snakes here is a bad thing, but, if there are lizards and skinks around, thats a good sign because the snakes have not eaten them. This guy is about 20cm long and as thick as a pencil. He is called The Robust Ctenotus, a common skink in these parts.



We have 2 very large and mature fig trees and one smaller one. Cant say I have ever had much to do with fig trees before, but they are starting to come back to life after the winter hibernation. Apparently they should have more fruit than leaves forming right now, but from what I can see, there is only 2 fruit formed on 1 of the 3 trees we have.

I guess I have some reading to do to see what needs to be done with them pruning wise for maximum fruit production. The trees themselves have not been looked after for a few years at least because the old guy we bought the placer from could no longer do much after having a couple of strokes,  so know they are in need of some love and attention. The other trees I knew what to do with to bring them back to their glory, but figs, I have no idea.



Had a family of plovers move into the front yard. Mum, Dad and 4 kids. So i go out to see if i can get a photo of the babies and the parents lost their shit. But after I mowed half the front yard, they decided it was time to move house because the neighbors are too noisy LOL.


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has really kicked off here and the trees are putting on a lot of new growth and starting to put on things to eat.

Pomegranate has a bunch of flower buds.

The mulberries are covered in fruit and won’t be long till I am turning most of them into wine.

Finally the blueberries are going gangbusters and are covered in fruit also.