More Toy Sets

I got asked to make a few toy sets for Christmas presents for the grand kids of a friend of the missus. I should have had these done weeks ago, but for the last 3 weeks I have been dealing with either the flu or covid. Either or, I have been feeling like shit and feeling like I have pneumonia. I am on the mend now, finally, but still do not have much endurance. Either or, i need to have them done by Friday next week, so i gotta suck it up and get her done. After 3 weeks of doing fuck all other than a bit of radio and a lot of sleeping, its been good to get into the shed and do a few hours of woodworking.

Getting the hand saws done.

What is done already, yeah I am making 4 sets at one time.

Whats left to go. 3 or 4 hours and I should be able to have it all complete.


A Dolls Cradle

A collaboration with my wife. We built a dolls cradle for one of our grand daughters. I did the woodwork and the painting and she did the bedding and the stenciling. Could really do with another coat of paint, but I ran out and ran out of time before we box it up and send it off to the other side of the country.


Toys For Kindy

So work wise I am not doing all that much. So the wife, who works in child care and is classified as an essential worker for the covid 19 response has asked me to make her some resources. I don’t mind and it have me a couple hours of doing stuff today other than watching the walls from within lock down. So i knocked up a set of letter disks and some boats. As i write this post, my wide is cutting out fabric and sewing some sails for the boats.


Wood Carving

Well its not really wood carving, more like toy making. With the help of a mini CNC, bandsaw, drill and die grinder I knocked up these wooden toy guns for my grandsons, Lucas, Keyte and Ezra. They are a little agricultural, but should be appreciated by the boys.



If anyone would like the tool paths, I designed this in Vectric Asipre and I can export the files in DXF, EPS, AI and SVG for importing into your own design software. Just shoot me an email.