Spring Has Sprung

Spring has really kicked off here and the trees are putting on a lot of new growth and starting to put on things to eat.

Pomegranate has a bunch of flower buds.

The mulberries are covered in fruit and won’t be long till I am turning most of them into wine.

Finally the blueberries are going gangbusters and are covered in fruit also.


Before And After

First thing was to spray the grass and weeds to kill them off.

Next was start clearing out what I could and then in with more poison to kill what remained.

Some more clearing out.

And this is where I am at. Need to buy a chainsaw now to take the smaller trunks down to ground level and to drop a few of the trees that we do not really want. But, its now open and not a hiding spot for snakes and other things that will kill you.


Garden Expansion

Another day, another project. I finished up the hare proofing of our berry garden, 3 strands of plane wire and then dog mesh. Should be more than good enough to keep the hares out and i doubt the deer will have a crack at jumping that and if they do, i will add some barbed wire to really piss them off.

Also added the strainer posts for the grape vine trellis. Those posts are 800mm into the ground, dont think they are going anywhere. I would have gone a little deeper but it was getting next to impossible to crow bar the bottom and remove the spoil. Next job is to run a few strands of plane wire and then plant the first 3 vines. There is enough space in this row for about 8 vines. The first 3 are table grapes and the next 5 will be wine grapes. If i cant makes some plonk from that there is something wrong with me LOL


New Growth

We have 6 mulberry trees, 4 are quite established and were here when we bought the place, the other 2 we had in pots in Brisbane. At this time of the year the trees start to wake up and put leaves on and start the early setting of fruit. The 4 mature trees need a really good prune to bring them back into the shape and produce a lot of fruit, but I expect to have enough fruit this season to make 10 liters of wine or more and maybe make a pie or two LOL.


To Keep The Rabbits Out

In ancient China, the Emperor Nasi Goreng build the great wall to keep the rabbits out, there were to many rabbits in China. And here were I live, I am doing the same, except its to keep the hares out of my garden and way from our fruit trees. There are to many hares in Blackbutt and so i am building a rabbit proof fence.


Chores LOL

So between doing my chores like a good little boy and working a few WWFF parks that have been active today, i got this thing fired up because its kind of cold here today and i figure its time to get the house nice and warm. HAHAHA farmer wants a life. Oh and by chores, I have swept the floors, done the washing, the dishes, brought in wood, chopped kindling, cleaned the cat litter, fed them and gave them water and did some cooking and those are just the things that I can think of off the top of my head.


A Day On The Farm

Busy couple of days here down on the farm. Planted out a bunch of stuff. Lime, lemon, mandarin, orange, olives and macadamia’s. Its just the beginning though, essentially we want to turn the whole front yard into a food forest. We already have some other fruit trees established, mulberries, june plum, pomegranate and figs. Now to go take a nap LOL