Going Shopping

I am cooking pizza for dinner. Cant have pizza without pickled jalapenos, go to the fridge, jar is almost empty, go to the cupboard looks like Im all out. Go down to the garden and do a bit of shopping and pick a 2 litre ice cream tub full from the 2 tiny plants I have. Looks like I am pickling jalapenos tomorrow.


Its An Arseholes Job

Can i just say this, painting is a arseholes job. When we bought this place, it was not completed, the windows were not trimmed out and most of the external walls had not been painted. What was painted was on its last legs and needed scraping, sanding and repainting. The old guy who built the place just ran out of steam as age got the better of him. So here I am painting and I hate it HAHAHA. Its going to look good when its done, but this is not even 1/4 of the way though yet. This might take me the rest of my natural life and then some of the unnatural parts as well HAHA.




Come on, piss down you bastard. Man we needed this rain. Is been so dry and finally we are getting a real good soaking. Looks like I wont be driving into town to haul water for the vege patch today and our tanks are getting some sorely needed water in them. Will just need some followup rain in a months time and we should be good though to winter.


Teeny tiny hail.