Strawberry Wine

Strawberries are currently in oversupply and the shops are practically giving them away. So what do you do when you can buy berries for nix, well make wine of course. I have one batch in demijon already and another that has just started in the fermenter. 8Kg of berries to make 5L of wine. Works out at about $4 per bottle.


All The Pretty Colours

From left to right we have strawberry wine, apple cider and mulberry wine. The foaming in the strawberry wine is because the ferment is rather vigorous because its just come out of the fermenting bucket and I have squeezed the last of the juice out of the strawberries and those simple fruit sugars ferment very quickly and easily. This lot will be drunk this Christmas along with the blackberry wine I posted about a few days ago.


Blackberry Wine and Mulberries

Got around to bottling last years blackberry wine. From what i tasted, its going to be pretty nice.

And out of the deep freeze comes last years mulberries, which are going to be made into this years wine. After this one is done, i will make another batch of strawberry wine as I have 3Kg of them in the deep freeze still. And if thats not enough, I might make some blueberry wine as well as I have some of those in the freezer also LOL.


Whats In The Garden ATM

The leaks are coming out today. They are still to small but we need the space to plant spring and summer crops.

The beans have been producing an abundance. They are always dependable.

These tomatos are self sown from the compost bin that was here. Goung to let them run and see what they are and what we get off them.

The roma tomatos are going well and will be flowering real soon.

The bloody hot chilies are looking real nice after the last burst of fruit.

Finally, the raspberries are starting to kick on, should have a lot of fruit late summer.