Hedging My Bets

Let me just say I don’t like hedges, they suck an are a lot of work. These have not been touched in a bit over 12 months and well, its going to take a lot of work to get them back ship shape and in good condition. Still might take another 30cm off the top yet. Have not decided.

Kind of before, well had already done 3/4 of it.

And finished that last bit.



So yesterday we did this.

And i still have this to go. If you ever wonder why I am not home brewing all that much, (AT ALL) its because I fall into bed at night and pretty much just die. And chopping wood was not all that was done yesterday, I moved a couple of cubic meters of much, cut down a tree and took the rubbish to the dump, did the pest control in preparation for spring played with my grandkids and did some mowing.

I have bought the new book out by Jack Purdnum and Albert Peter, building the T41-ep SDR transceiver. I have had it for over a week now and have not read much more than the credits and the contents. I have just been to wrecked at the end of the day to do much radio stuff at all and I still have all the other spring jobs to be done yet in the garden in preparation for planting.



Working In The Garden

Its a labour of love. Slowly but surely extending the garden over time as I propagate up the plants. Added another 30 or 40 plants today. So its been digging holes and letting the wife come back through and plant them all. HAHA.

The above two images show how things will look as the plants grow and mature. Its a lot of lavender, once we have them 3 deep down the entire drive way, we will then go back through and fill in any holes that remain. There is currently a couple hundred plants there and probably another 100 to go to finish it out.



You Know Nothing Jon Snow

Winter is coming, or in this case its arrived. 8.30am and its a white out and 5 Deg C, with an over night low of 1. The good news is its 22 Deg C inside the house and I wont bother going out to do some chores until its 10am or so and the sun and burned off the cold. I love this time of year.