Come on, piss down you bastard. Man we needed this rain. Is been so dry and finally we are getting a real good soaking. Looks like I wont be driving into town to haul water for the vege patch today and our tanks are getting some sorely needed water in them. Will just need some followup rain in a months time and we should be good though to winter.


Teeny tiny hail.


Bush Fire

So we have a deer problem here. Feral bastards jump the fence and eat the young trees we have planted. So we decided to raise the fences to keep the bastards out. So being a cheap arse, I am welding on some extensions on the start droppers. Good enough plan, but set the grass on fire and well if that got into the paddock of meter high grass behind us, well, it would have been a nice bush fire. It would be nice to have it burned and not be such a hazard, but I dont want to be responsible for it or burning someones house down. Looks like I need an offsider to keep the fire out while I weld.


Hedging My Bets

Let me just say I don’t like hedges, they suck an are a lot of work. These have not been touched in a bit over 12 months and well, its going to take a lot of work to get them back ship shape and in good condition. Still might take another 30cm off the top yet. Have not decided.

Kind of before, well had already done 3/4 of it.

And finished that last bit.