After reinstalling the server OS and restoring my backups there are always a couple of things that never work quite right again and need me to manually go in and change things. MySql database password is one and I can to that in my sleep, but something new this time is that the website is now SSL enabled with a Comodo SSl certificate. For some reason and I am not sure exactly why, restoring the backup borked the SSL implementation. I tried to find a fix for it for a couple of days and nothing that I did would fix it. So it was stuck in the to hard basket for another day. Well, yesterday I just removed everything SSL from the server and started from the beginning and got a new certificate issued. It all seems to be working now. Who would have thunk it, computers just never want to play nice HAHAHA.


Why, Why Windows 10?

I really don’t know why microsoft really wants to screw things up all the bloody time. This morning i wanted to burn a raspbian image to a sd card to fire up a new Pi i have that I am using in an project i am working on. And you would think something as simple as stick disk in slot burn image wold work. NO NO NO. Windows has been upto its old tricks and changed all the bloody device drivers so that my card reader no longer worked. After dicking about for 30mins and swearing profusely, I did some google foo to see if there was anything known going on. A quick driver roll back and boom we are back in business and have the Raspbian being written to disk. WOOP another tragedy in the making and total disaster avoided. HAHAHA Microsoft, what a steaming pile of turds. And before any of you linux fan boys comment saying oh just use linux, I can’t because i need to run some proprietary windows software for work as well as some other software that has no real linux replacement that will not work under linux and wine.


Well that went surprisingly smoothly after windows wanted to be a dick LOL


ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it actually happened. The flaky server actually died yesterday. Tech support had the motherboard replaced in short order but for some reason the OS kernel was not happy with the change and would not boot. I dicked about with it for an hour or so and still could not make it happy. So, it was put in the to hard basket and i got up early today, reinstalled the OS and restored a backup of my data and we are back online. I am missing a couple of posts because I was lazy and did not download the last backup, but hey, its a personal blog. A few posts missing is not really going to mean much. Anyway, i should now be back in the land of server stability and should not have any more issues.


Who Is Going To Be The Next? : Opinion

There has been a lot going on of late. Mostly drama of the usual kind, but in among all that, I have got to thinking about a lot of different things to do with ham radio. Mostly, this has a lot to do with things happening within Australia, but there are still some broader more global parts of this opinion piece that might interest some within the international community. Let me first paint a picture of what I see and then pose the question in the title.

So, lets look at some of the things that have been going on of late. Firstly I was banned from a contest by the contest manager because of my email address. I hold 3 call signs, one of which is an Australian F-Call VK4FFAB, its included in my email address. Now Fcalls cannot use digital modes in Australia, and so i recently entered a VK contest and submitted a log using my Standard call sign VK4HAT. My log used that call sign, my cover letter used that call sign, even the files were named vk4hat-contest name and the contest manager saw fcall in the email address and banned me.

Next. In Australia we have some rather restrictive power limits. For advanced calls its 400w SSB and 120w CW. So recently a video was published by a VK ham showing him running 500w CW. I pointed out exactly what was going on and called him a power cheat on social media. You would think that for a hobby that is mostly self policing that people would be upset that someone is taking such liberties with our operating standard. If this was an Fcall being caught running 100w instead of 10w, you would have everyone calling for their license to be revoked.

But in this case, did anyone do that? no, in fact you have what is essentially a cabal of power cheats defending his use of 380w more than what is legal and a whole bunch of people out for my blood. Some issuing warning about how I have a big X on my back and they are going to get me, others being even more straight forward and threatening to punch me in the face. Such is the state of ham radio in this country.

And then you have the special case of RASA. Another cabal that is hell bent on destroying the hobby in this country any way it can. Because of their narrow minded views and desire for power, the whole licensing framework in this country is a total mess and shambles. Good luck if you can get an exam, the question pools are weak at best, you cannot apply to have reciprocal licenses from the USA, its under review, you cannot get a vanity 2 letter call sign, its under review. The whole system is broken.

So, then given this background and the passing of George Dobbs, of Sprat and GQRP Club fame, a man worthy of respect and looking up to and that a lot of the people who i actually admire in this hobby are getting on in age and not going to live for ever, i started to ask myself, “Who is going to be the next person to stand up and become someone worthy of looking up to?”

If you look over some of the VK contests you have names like John Moyle, Harry Angel or awards like Keith Roget, GA Taylor and Michael Owen. Out of the current cohort of Australian amateurs who are the names that might one day fill the shoes of men who actually did great things for the hobby and have something named after them? I mean seriously who is there? Because I dont see any. I do not see anyone for anyone new or aspiring in the hobby to look up to and I am sure that this is probably the same in many other countries also, its just the names that vary.

So who is there? Is there even a single person out there currently who is going to stand up and be counted for something greater than their own self indulgence? If there is someone, let me know, because there is a real lack of people with character and integrity currently within the hobby.
And that for me is a real shame.

Some people are always moaning that the hobby is dying. In some ways that is happening literally, but the hobby itself will be truly dead when there is no one left worthy of emulating and that list of truly inspiring people is getting rather short and the self indulged man children are never going to fill that void. Many of you had great elmers, people now dead who you wanted to lookup to and respected. I got google and am surrounded  by people i have zero respect for. It is, what it is and what it is, is pathetic.


Change Is As Good As A Holiday

Its been a while since i have shaken things up around here. Over the last few days I have been migrating to a new server. Actually, rather than being on a VPS i am now on a dedicated server. Its an older server, but the price is great and the specs are perfectly adequate for what I am doing and the outbound data allowance is huge.

So having managed that migration rather smoothly, I have changed my URL to something that better reflects what is going on here and I have also gotten signed digital certificate and am going SSL. So other than a couple of hard coded links, most things here should work by using HTTPS.

So with that change in the air, i am going to go through the old posts and delete things that never worked or were just plain stupid as well as probably add or change some of the content I keep on here. Deletions won’t be wholesale, but there is enough junk on here to warrant a little bit of a clean out. And after i go through the images as well, i might get my backup file to something a little more convenient than the 5gigs its getting close to.

So my first post here was on September 16, 2015 and in that 3 and 1/2 years I have gone through 3 hosting providers. I have also learned a lot. Looking back on some of my old projects the boards i am making now look almost professional compared to the agricultural things I started out making. I also much prefer blogging over making youtube videos also. I do not do any of this to make money. I do it for fun and relaxation only.

I have been thinking for a while to start making more static content for the website. Mostly i make blog posts and they eventually slip off the front page and become history. Well, i can also make static pages within wordpress and I have some ideas of things that i would like to write about. I have some things here that are part written pieces that I was going to submit to another site that i might end up cleaning up and posting here. We will see how that goes.

For now, the cleanup starts. The old URL will redirect to here and then, I will start looking at content and a serious look at some projects. I think i have the skill, ability and knowledge to actually pull off some good work, both in the design and building of a project as well as writing content that might be enjoyable to read and be useful.

73. Rob.


What Not To Do

Let me tell you a story. It was a dark and stormy night and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. And yet, in a little lab in the middle of nowhere, somewhere out beyond the back of Burke, a little Aussie VK Ham was trying to get an order in with a PCB manufacturer before China closes down for Chinese New Year.

So in my infinite wisdom I needed to rush a 2nd board onto my order to make it more cost efficient on shipping. I only had one board ready with updates and fixes, and I have been meaning to do a PA board for quite sometime, so i fired up Diptrace and opened up the schematics I was going to use, and got to laying out 2 separate designs published by Ruben VK5FE which can be found here

So anyway, the two designs were slightly different in components and the two fets had different footprints and in my cut and paste zeal while doing the schematic capture, i forgot to change the components on the IRF510 board from RD16HHF to the IRF510 component and footprint.

Whats funny in this whole story is that after I posted the above picture to a friend of mine, I joked that the mechanical design was such that if i had made a bomb the PCB would shield me from the FET shrapnel and i should not lose an eye.

So lucky for me when it came time to smoke test this thing I use current limiting power supplies and had set the current limit to 2amps, because when the drain and source pins are swapped on the IRF510 you have made a heater as it will draw infinite current until the wires coming from the PSU overheat, catch fire and burn your house down.

So my board looks pretty but does not work. The other board designed for using RD16HHF1 fets should work a treat assuming I have not screwed anything up there đŸ™‚ But before i go and build one of those, i will be checking it over 3 times as I do not want to waste expensive fets for nothing. When IRF510’s costs pennies and the RD16 costs pounds, you dont want to be exploding things to often LOL.

Anyway, the moral of the story is don’t rush. Check things many times and cont use cut and paste when putting 2 similar designs on the one board. Now i just have to wait a couple of weeks for China to re-open for business and send off the board files I have sitting here now just waiting.


2019 A Years Projects

Its new years ever and I have been thinking about the things I have achieved in 2018 and its been quite a lot, but at the same time, there has been a lot that I have not completed or even made a dent in and others that I have failed at.

So this list is the list of projects I plan to complete in 2019. Some of these I have had for sometime, some are not even in existence yet but are coming soon and some might be absolute dismal failures. Some of these can be competed in an afternoon and others are going to take some time, but here we go with the list.

1. Bebek Radio

First on the list is to finish the bebek, at least to receiver level. I do not think i am brave enough to tackle the transmit side of it. Its been an interesting and frustrating project so far, the sooner its over the better.

The Radio Bebek

2. Pixie Transceiver

The Pixie Tranceiver

Ok, so i have build one or two of these before, but I have this one in the draw still and I should build it and attempt to make a contact with it, or at least get spotted on the Reverse Beacon Network calling CQ with it.

3. 49’r Transceiver

The 49r Transceiver

There is a similar kit on ebay called the Frog Sounds that I built ages ago. The receiver in it actually worked quite ok, but i never ever transmitted with it, let alone made a single contact with it.

So what I plan to do with this kit is modify it to use a DDS VFO and make it frequency agile. To achieve that i will add a bandpass filter to the front end and use a AD9850 DDS to inject a signal where the Xtal oscillator currently is.



I was given this maybe 2 years ago from a friend, Simon VK6MSC. Its been sitting in my draw waiting and waiting to see the light of day and get built. Now that I can actually use digital modes, I am itching to get this happening and on the air every other moment I am not using my radio and antenna.

5. Super Rockmite

The Super Rockmite Kit

Another ebay kit i have has sitting around for a long time. I am not sure weather to build as standard to modify it to make it frequency agile. At this stage it might just be an afternoon build and see if I can make a contact with it. The built in keyer is a nice touch.

6. QCX

QRP Labs QCX Kit

Now we are getting into serious build territory. The QCX is more than a toy kit, it is a quality transceiver kit that I will take my time building and will enjoy using.

7. VK4FFAB 4 Band Receiver

PCB Board for the VK4FFAB Receiver Project

This has been an eternal project that has no end in site. I would like to have completed the board above built and connected together to see how it actually works as a receiver. Each of the boards has been built and modified in isolation and what is pictured above are 2nd and 3rd iterations of some boards. Along with just stuffing the boards there is a whole lot of software to write to control the whole thing. While its mostly done, there is still a lot of work to go.

8. QRP Labs QSX

QRP Labs 10w PA for QSX

Not a lot i can write about this, other than I will be dropping everything and building one once the kit is fully released. All i have at the moment is the 10w PA. This kit i am excited to get my hands on.

9. ZOI-40 Tranceiver

ZOI-40 Tranceiver

This is one of those projects that I may or may not get to. Its another board laid out by YD1JJJ from Indonesia. I have not taken a close look at things, but i kind of expect this to be a nightmare like the Bebek and something that I will have to buzz out and compare between board and schematic to complete.

10. Bitx 20

Bitx 20 PCB Boards

Where the BITX craze kind of went viral, the Bitx 20m will be something I tackle when i get time.

11. Other Notable Thoughts and Ideas

There are really only 3 other ideas floating around at the moment and that i would like to get to this year and they are all transmitters. A CW transmitter, a RTTY transmitter and a PSK transmitter. 3 individual or potentially combine into a single unit to pair with my receiver project. These will take precedence over some of the projects above and will make nice additions the the lineups.

To be honest, I have certainly listed out more stuff than I will probably get to, but these are the things I have in the pipeline and are my immediate list of goals. The hardest part with all this is not getting sidetracked and going off on a tangent.

Wish me luck.

Happy New Year to you.