To WOKE Or Not To WOKE, That Is The Question?

As I get older I find that I am becoming much more accepting of other people, especially those that are different to me. Rather than get upset about someone’s pronouns, I have decided to use gender neutral pronouns more generally. In that vein, I have made a new years resolution to refer to people who shit me off by using their gender neutral pronoun.




QRZ Lies And Other Jedi Mind Tricks

A person who makes a mistake and wrongs others in the process of making a mistake, who has honor and integrity and a sense of moral purpose who values the truth, apologizes for the harm they caused, they do not double down on stupid and try and jedi mind trick their way out of things and pretend nothing happened.

Notice the language used here, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, not 24 hours not a week, no duration of time, coupled with the long winded justification post that is now deleted to hide the truth shows the ban was permanent. If someone was implementing a 24 hour ban they would say, this ban will be for 24 hours.

So what actually happened was hams came out of the woodwork, people who have never posted om QRZ before and they raged. Raged because they want to keep the hobby of ham radio a-political.

Except when you want to politicize the hobby but as soon as its going to hurt your wallet your conviction crumbles. A real man can admit when he is wrong, a real man apologizes when he causes harm, a real man follows his own rules to the letter and is exemplary in all that he does and leads by example.

Your example Fred is that Might Is Right, the rules do not apply to you, you crush and ban anyone who disagrees with you, just like Pootin is doing in Russia to his people. You are just a less death happy power tripping dictator who thinks he can do what he likes as he likes and crush anyone who stands in his way.


Except a lot of people were BANNED. Oh they might have become unbanned but that does not change the fact that they were banned. So they were banned by mistake? In error? If that is the case, where is the apology.

The truth is, you fucked up, you opened Pandora’s box and got all political about the invasion of Ukraine. But instead of doing something rational like donating to Save The Children or The Red Cross, you went all fuckwit and tried to ham radio Cancel Culture Russian hams. People rightfully raged and many asked for refunds for services not rendered and breach of contract and because it was going to hurt you in the pocket, your conviction crumbled because it was a joke to begin with.

And rather than apologize for your mistakes, to the ham radio community who on mass rejected you and what you did, and for the harm caused to people, you doubled down on the jedi mind tricks and pretend like nothing happened it was all jokes and LOLz and now you are struggling to put a lid back on pandora’s box.

As for a real protest with conviction. I wont post on QRZ ever again. I cannot abide by liars, hypocrites and power trippers who abuse power and are above the rules they are there to enforce.

The post that got me banned for being too political. Yeah I called the mods and the owner a dictator like pootin, because its essentially true. The funny thing is, 4 posts after this the mod is talking about his views on Trump. Discussion of the great orange fuckwit is not politics, discussion demanding the rules be applied equally is politics. Welcome to the post truth world where Jews are now Nazi’s and we are not invading, we are going home.

73 QRZ, you can go and eat a dick.


I Can’t Do This Anymore

This post is politics. Do not read it if you don’t want to.

I am all for supporting Ukraine in its war. Ukraine is being invaded by Putin’s Russia and its allies. There is no doubt as to who is the aggressor and who is to blame for all of this. I am well ok with all of that. But what I am not ok with is hams going to war with hams over shit the fuckwits in charge are doing.

Its not Joe fucking average ham from Russia who is making the decisions, Putin could not give two fucks what his population thinks, so why are the fuckwits at QRZ declaring war on hams there. There are ways to show solidarity for Ukraine without all the pantomime and virtue signalling. I mean, way to get PooTin, he is going to crumble at the sanctions leveled on hams from his country.

I guess I have missed all the nets on 40m with PooTin as net control getting help from the nations hams to decide on the best way to be a fuckwit or not. All the naughty Russian hams touching people on the frequency.

Fucking Stupid.


Truth In Advertising

Its funny you know, I posted on QRZ about 10m being open and what I was doing and rather than anything positive, from the very first comment it was FT8 is killing ham radio rage. So, after having the above facebook post sent to me, it got me thinking, the very reason why I got out of most social media was because of the hairy palms types sitting in the corner wacking off just waiting for an Ohhh i gotcha now post.

So why is it that so many hams are so socially retarded that rather than say Good on you for having fun and getting on the air, they are bad on you for not getting on the air and having fun my way.

Ever seen rag chewer posts anywhere on social media? Its always a whine fest of someone touched me on the frequency, no one talks anymore, FT8 is killing ham radio. Its never I found a good rag and had a good chew. Maybe this is why no one wants to talk to them anymore, they are such miserable and boring cunts to begin with that everyone went to FT8 because of them.

I try and be positive, but really some days I just wanna beat people around the head with a stick and say wake up to yourself. I do radio for the sake of doing radio. I use all the bands and modes at my disposal and will go where the people are. Not whine no one likes me.


The Toxic Culture Of Ham Radio Social Media

Where do i even start. What the fuck is wrong with some people. I mean seriously, why are do so many hams have the social skills of a potato, are narcissists, sociopaths, experts on everything, the arbiters of what is and is not “REAL” ham radio and or are just down right total fuckwits.
I know I am not alone in this position, although my take on it is much more blue collar than pretend to be holy because I just do not care what a bunch of whiney cunts think about the language I use on my blog where I am the judge of what is allowed and not.

Ultimately, if you do not like what i post about, or the language that I use, just fuck off already because no one is asking you to read my blog. You see, what you self indulged and entitled man children don’t understand is that my blog is not about you, its not even for you, its nothing more than a record of what I am doing, its a diary if you will, not an encyclopedia of me telling you how to do anything. I am not here to be your teacher and I am not asking you fuckwit experts to help me, I am just keeping a record of what I am doing and nothing more.

So what got me so fired up this time 🙂 HAHA, well its been building for sometime. People who I know and respect have been getting hammered online from total fuckwits who think they are the king of ham radio and one particular email i received that was abusing me for posting to much about gardening and not about ham radio. Well, sorry you poor cunt, but I do not live my life for your entertainment, I live it for my own enjoyment and currently my garden brings me much more joy than dealing with fuckwits like you.

For some time I have been removing myself from all ham radio social media and in the few places I still read, I have been posting less and less and taking much less interest in what is going on. Ultimately, I really do not have anything to say about ham radio that I have not said plenty of times before, so I am saying nothing. Ham radio social media is not about persuasion or consensus, it is about team A yelling at team B and doing a performance for your tribe to show them how woke you are. The whole WIA vrs RASA wars were nothing more than this and for quite sometime I was involved in it, until i realized what was actually happening and told them both to fuck off. I am just not interested.

The ultimate awakening came about a month ago as to just how toxic ham radio online is. I made a post in a gardening group, nothing fancy just a very typical post that i would have made in a ham radio group, a picture and a few words about what I was doing and the ultimate goal. That post got like 600 likes and 50 odd comments that were all positive and encouraging. Now lets contrast that to the last post I made in a ham radio group with 2 times the members. 10 likes and 5 comments which were all internet experts who have never posted anything they have done trying to tell me I am doing it all wrong and showing people how they are experts at ham radio.

The difference is chalk and cheese. Now I do not post for the likes, but, ultimately where are you going to spend your time and effort. In a place where your contribution is appreciated or are you going to throw pearls to swine where your contribution is not appreciated? The choice is simple yeah? Much like Cheers, you want to go where everyone knows your name or shows you are appreciated or welcome.

Ultimately if you post in a ham group or forum about a baofeng or something stupid that allows people to argue, those posts gather 100’s of comments because every cunt can have an opinion even when they have no idea what they are talking about they will make it all about them. But if you post cool and interesting they say and do nothing because you have not given them the opportunity to make it about them or do a dance for their tribe to show they are woke or anti woke. This is why 50 years after the fact you still have code and no code debates, because those who did the code test have to show others that they are the kings of ham radio because they had it tougher.

So to wrap this up and keep it under 1000 words 🙂 my reply to anyone who emails me some stupid shit telling me to be their black fella and dance for them is pretty much the same. Go eat a dick, you are not you when you are hungry and once you are full, go fuck yourself with a retractable baton.

And if this post leaves you feeling triggered, cry me a river noddy, no one gives two fucks what irrelevant arseholes like you think.


I Am Back

Well I am back. HAHAHA, its been a while. Finally got my PC setup, its on the kitchen table for now, but at least I have access to the blog and can start to post things as they happen. Won’t be a lot of radio content as it will be another month or so before i get to building my radio room.

More to come.


Antenna Down

Kind of sad really, but today i took down the antennas. Its the end of an era for radioing from this house. For as limited as things were here, high noise and no space for any good antennas, I did not do to bad here and achieved a lot. Cant wait now to get the move done and new antennas up and start all over again.


Missing In Action

This is going to be my last post for sometime. Where to begin. Well, there is nothing nefarious going on at all, just so much life happening. I have been doing a bit of operating over the last couple of weeks and have actually been enjoying it. Of course this has also coincided with a total lack of output in the home brew department.

So for the last 12 months we have been trying to either buy or build a new house and move our lives and everything that this entails to a small town in the country. Its been a journey and a half to say the least. The first rejection was early in the pandemic and no banks were actually lending to anyone who was in business, and me being a small business owner meant that there was no way to proceed. So we just kept saving and waiting things out and then tried again 6 months later.

Move ahead 6 months, hit the banks up again and this time finance was pre approved. In that 6 months the cost of the house we planned to build had increased by $40,000, the pandemic increase because trades are in hot demand and all put their prices up. This was starting to push our finances to the limit, after some changes with the builder we got costs down to closer to what we wanted to spend. Then the bank gave our file to an independent valuer and the valuation came back low. not by an insignificant amount either, but by $50,000. Not a problem really, but it meant that our 80%LVI became 95% LVI and with the mortgage insurance and the extra deposit needed we had to find $15,000 and so that plan was officially dead and buried. That 6 month delay just priced us out of being able to build a new home and everything that we could have desired.

So yet another talk with our mortgage broker and working out what we could afford for an existing property. Then the hunt was on to find a property that did not suck to much or was to much of a compromise on things we just could not live without and fit in with our requirements for work and the like, its not like we are funding this out of retirement savings, we still need to work and pay this off before retirement age.

After much debate and discussion the wife and I decided on a few places and started looking online at properties. Found a couple we both kind of liked and booked a viewing with the agent. When we drove down the driveway of the first place, it just felt homely and welcoming. We put and offer in on it the same day and it was accepted by the owner.

Went though all the drama again waiting on the bank, valuations and all that, this time very favorable, actually our offer was exactly the same as the valuation. Paper work has all been signed and we settle on the 28th of May. So between now and moving in I will not be posting here at all, or if I do it will be infrequently because as of this weekend my whole radio room will be packed up and the antennas will be taken down.

Not long now and we move from a city of 2 million to a small town of 800 people. 2 and 1/4 acres of I cant see nor hear my neighbors, i can put up a real antenna and have more than enough space to plant a fruit forest and grown all my own vegetables. I really cannot wait.

Asta La Vista Baby, I will be back.