Ham Radio and April 1

So i posted the following on QRZ this morning as my April 1 ham radio prank, i thought it was funny, but i guess i triggered a couple of peeps butthurt, because I got 2 emails abusing me HAHAHA. Gotta love gutless hams and their abuse emails. 😉

VK4HAT SK 1-4-2021

I regretfully inform you that Rob, VK4HAT became silent key at 6am this morning when he turned off his radio. Rob has donated his body to medical science and the family will cremate his radios in his place and their ashes will be sold to members of the local radio club.

Rob’s memoir titled “How To Be A Real Ham In The 21st Century, I Am Not One Of You” is set to be published next month by the Radio Amateur Institute of Australia. In it, he details is rise from an unknown in a room full of nobody’s, to the mediocre success and relative obscurity he achieved in his latter years.

His achievements include building things that do not work, taking 5 years to earn dxcc in one day and making the bullies of the hobby cry. But mostly, he was an elmer to those who needed an elmer because the elmers had left the building, being replaced with the council of boomers, with whom Rob often clashed with, like any other council officer, parking inspector and city ordinance officer.

Rob is survived by his wife, 5 children, 5 grandchildren, 2 cats and a dog.


Executor of the estate — Harry Harry and Bruce Layers.


Elbonian Military Radios

Hot off the press, the new Elbonian Military Radio, let me show you its features.

The Elbonia IC7300TS480FT818/SAT-V2.0 FT8+ Is the latest radio on the market and the primary radio of the Elbonian Military. This radio is packed with features, it is all band all mode from DC to Daylight. It can even do 6G which has been proven to kill corona virus, cure cancer and defeat climate deniers and anti vaxers in a debate. It even comes with a light, because how else can you communicate on the Moonlight band without a light.

Unlike other radios in the $35 class, this one comes with an antenna. Nothing worst than ordering your ebay radio and it not coming with an antenna, meaning you have to go out and buy an antenna just so you can have a QSO with Richard D1CK and Colin HE4D on the repeater and talk about whose goiter had grown the most in the last 10 mins.

Get them while stocks last.


A Tiny Skateboard

Yesterday my grandson Lucus who is 3 came wandering into my lab while i was working on the pcb design for the rf amp. Being a family man I drop everything and we had the following conversation.

Lucus: What game are you playing Grandad?
Me: Its not a game, i am laying out a pcb board.
Lucus: What’s that? (looks confused)
Me: I hand him the pcb pictured above and say, see all these tiny holes (vias) I am placing them on a new board that i want to have made.
Lucus: Arhhh ok you are making a tiny skateboard. He then proceeds to tell me all about the the things he got for his birthday and how none of them were a skateboard.

HAHAHAHA. Kids are awesome.