Home Brew Sausages

This is my first attempt at making sausages. These are chicken, sage, garlic and caramelized onion sausages. Straight out of the stuffer and into the fry pan. Yes they taste really nice. Next I have 3Kg of pork to mince and make into sausages LOL.


Its Big And Its Cheesy

What do you do with those crappy bits of the Christmas ham? Well you make a pull apart of course. Dice it up, add come caramelized onions and a ton of cheese to your favorite bread dough and bake it up. It lasted all of 10mins after it came out the oven. Yeah it was that good.


Coffee Time

There are some little things in life where you want to go the extra mile and have something that is very nice. Coffee is one of those thing. Why drink dirty dish water when you can have an espresso. We got all excited here the other day and went out and bough a coffee machine. Not the most expensive machine out there, but a compact one what would fit on the limited space on the kitchen bench. But the proof is in the drinking and yeah the coffee it makes is nice.


Steamed Snapper, Asian Style

This is no Pasta Pete recipe and I am not as famous as the man himself, but, I do cook, can cook and now and again knock one out of the park.

Tonight’s dinner steamed whole snapper with stir fried vege and noodles. The fish is stuffed with chili, ginger, garlic and spring onion, and topped with the same and a good splash of soy sauce and sesame oil. Steam in a bamboo basket until cooked.

The vege is just anything you like, I did red capsicum, zucchini, beans, snow peas, carrot and mushrooms, in a little Yaki Udon sauce and some slurpy Korean noodles.

If the proof is in the eating, all said and done, there was nothing left on the plate.

Fish all prepped and ready for steaming.

The final dish as served to the table.