Portable In VKFF-1623

So i got excited today and tossed the BITx 40 and a 7ah sla onto the back seat of the ute and headed off to play a little radio. To be honest its been a really long time since i have gotten out and about in vk and did some park activation. The BITx is a bunch of fun to operate with its huge 7w and a lack of all creature comforts, but it does the job even if you have to ride the volume knob for when someone big gives you a real signal.

So I spent about an hour in the park and made 21 contacts. Not to shabby all things considered as its a work day and the band conditions were poor. The only non vk2 and 4 contact made was with Paul vk5pas and thats because he lives on top of a mountain and has pretty good antenna, but even with his superior location the best he could give me was 33 to his 56.

Anyway, i had fun and look forward to getting out and doing some more parks soon, it has really been a long time since i have done any, other than an an activation in the teams even with 4aac i have not really done a park since Easter. Bring on more wwff and more activations.

Oh and its time i fixed the displayed frequency, im actually on 7.149 irrespective of what display says HAHA.


50th VKFF Reference Activated

So over my easter weekend activations I managed to activate my 50th VKFF reference. Its an unofficial 50th as 2 parks I had activated previously have been removed and it seems no longer count for the award. So i still got 2 more parks to go before I get the 50 parks activated award. Not that I care, i do this for fun not sheep stations.


WWFF Park Activations

I plan to be activating the following parks over the Easter holidays. There might be another couple added to the list on the Saturday. Just depends on time.

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 Afternoon (WWFF) VK4FFAB on 7.030 CW in (VKFF-1517) Cooloothin Conservation Park 7.144 also will self spot

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 Evening (WWFF) VK4FFAB on 7.030 CW in (VKFF-1554) Harry Spring Conservation Park 7.144 also will self spot

Sat, 15 Apr 2017 Morning (WWFF) VK4FFAB on 7.030 CW in (VKFF-1551) Great Sandy Conservation Park 7.144 also will self spot

Sat, 15 Apr 2017 Afternoon (WWFF) VK4FFAB on 7.030 CW in (VKFF-1667) Tuchekoi Conservation Park 7.144 also will self spot

Sun, 16 Apr 2017 Morning (WWFF) VK4FFAB on 7.030 CW in (VKFF-1645) Six Mile Creek Conservation Park 7.144 also will self spot


WWFF/VKFF Beachmere Conservation Park


So today I went out to Beachmere Conservation Park for a quick activation. Had to walk a small ways into the park to find a nice location to setup and operate from. I was kind of hoping for a picnic table or something, but alas the carpark was tiny and there was no room there to setup. So off i went in search of somewhere to setup.


Found a nice log that would serve as both table and chair and squid pole mount, setup the dipole and plugged the antenna into the radio and got to calling CQ.

Started out on CW with the HB1B YouKits radio and in quick succession worked 3 stations, then nothing. A whole lot of calling and no one home to work me. Such is life.

So, I packed the CW rig away and fired up the Bitx 40m thinking SSB would be my savior and was quickly disappointed. Propagation was good, all the way down to the VK3 boarder, but there was just no one about to work. That and the LO in the radio was drifting madly all over the place, the direct sun on the case, causing the LO to heat up and just never get stable. Lesson learned, the next job will be to stick a DDS/Synth in there and make it rock solid.

Anyway, I cannot complain about my office, this is what it looked like when I arrived.


And this is what it looked like when I left 1 hour later. Boy that tide came up quickly. All up I did not make many contacts, just 10, enough to qualify the park, so it is one I will have to go back to at some point and finish up for the 44. But, hey, I had fun and I learned somethings about my gear that I can now improve on. And well that is what really matters.