5 Band – 2 Antenna WSPR TX -an update


So after running for a couple of hours yesterday, I ended up with quite a number of spots. None on 80m which was a surprise, I did expect to at least see something there even though I was running the band into a 40m dipole. Sure efficiency would have been rubbish, but you would expect to see something from VK2 or locally in VK4 at a minimum. Not sure what the go is there, but that needs more thought and investigation.

The other band missing any spots was 10m. Turns out I have a problem with either my filters or my code. Not sure which one yet, but when 10m was transmitting there was no output at all, so there is something not quite right there and needs more investigation. I am not sure if I am going to fix the code and hardware or to prototype up the class C amp design i have made and see how that goes.

Being Saturday im doing some cooking, so I might not do to much in the way of radio at all LOL.




5 Band – 2 Antenna WSPR TX

Its a bit of a dogs breakfast to photo, but this is the latest incarnation of my wspr transmitter. The top board is the PA for 80/40m, the 2nd board down is the PA for 20/15/10m and the bottom board is the LPF for those bands. The single LPF is for 40m which makes it marginal for 80m, yeah its a sine wave, but you know its not going to have ultimate attenuation, so I need to build another switching LPF board for 80 and 40m.

Power out is about 5w on all bands with 20m being the lowest at around 4w. More than good enough for what I want to do. I plan to start it up again tonight and leave it run all night and see just where I can be heard.

As far as working goes, spots on 3 bands means that both PA and antenna are doing at least something.