Need More Watts

I tried this morningĀ  to work Ghana and I have tried this evening to work Ghana, but no luck. I do not have the antenna or the power to make the journey. My 40m dipole is not really optimal for Africa, its more aligned for north America. I will sit here and keep trying and hope to get lucky and that my 30w makes the distance.


Persistence Pays Off In The End

While not a new country, I have worked Bulgaria on 20 and 15m CW and SSB, this is the first time I have worked them Digital and takes me another step closer to DXCC digital.

This contact was a matter of call a few times, stop, wait, call a few times more. I think he was being crushed by some stronger signal, though it could be that my antenna just sucks. Well, lets just assume that my antenna sucks, because I looked him up on QRZ and he is running a 3 element (looks like a stepir or similar) and I am running a crappy vertical and 30w HAHAHA. Amazed i made it at all.

Moral of the story, be patient and keep trying. You can get there in the end.


10 Metery Doo’s

So i was spinning the dial and seeing what I could hear. Heard some SSB on 10m and while tuning down to the CW part of the band heard a huge commotion on FT8 so opened up the software and made a few contacts. I do not do 10m all that much and its not a band that really interests me, but a few in the log when spinning the dial is ok by me. Better than the painful conversations I was hearing about organic broccoli on 40m.