Prepping Garden Bed 1

These vege gardens were well over grown and full of weeds when we moved in. Going to take a bit of work to bring them back to good use, so i am making a start now so that they are ready for spring.

Raked up all the chickweed and other bits of rubbish and put it all into the compost. It will go back into the beds eventually, once it rots down to nothing.

Took all the packing paper from the move and put a continuous layer over the bed, this will smother out the weeds and rot down rather quickly adding carbon to the soil.

Next I put on a thin layer of well rotted wood chips, this will hold down the paper and also rot down all be it more slowly. Will still add structure to the soil over time.

And here we are with the bed all done. Next I need to add a layer of soil over the top and to then mulch that for even more weed suppression. I got some digging to do still LOL. 1 down, 2 more to go.


I Am Back

Well I am back. HAHAHA, its been a while. Finally got my PC setup, its on the kitchen table for now, but at least I have access to the blog and can start to post things as they happen. Won’t be a lot of radio content as it will be another month or so before i get to building my radio room.

More to come.


Compare The Pair

Pretty much where we currently live is an RF canyon. The above 2 images are a comparison of where I am and where I am going. My RX has always been 3 or so S points down here compared to my TX. Simply because I have no view of the horizon. Essentially I am surrounded by obstructions, houses on 3 sides that are higher than my antenna, and only a few KM to the west are the great dividing range, mountains that are 500m higher than me.

The 2nd image is where I am going, where I have a rather uninterrupted view to the horizon. Not only will my noise floor be much lower, I will also be able to receive better because there is no real obstruction to attenuate the incoming signals. Beggers cannot be choosers most of the time but after 10 years in a sub optimum environment for RF, I am looking forward to going somewhere that is going to be much better. But hey, I worked 2 DXCC’s from this crap location. Not bad all things considered.


Antenna Down

Kind of sad really, but today i took down the antennas. Its the end of an era for radioing from this house. For as limited as things were here, high noise and no space for any good antennas, I did not do to bad here and achieved a lot. Cant wait now to get the move done and new antennas up and start all over again.


Missing In Action

This is going to be my last post for sometime. Where to begin. Well, there is nothing nefarious going on at all, just so much life happening. I have been doing a bit of operating over the last couple of weeks and have actually been enjoying it. Of course this has also coincided with a total lack of output in the home brew department.

So for the last 12 months we have been trying to either buy or build a new house and move our lives and everything that this entails to a small town in the country. Its been a journey and a half to say the least. The first rejection was early in the pandemic and no banks were actually lending to anyone who was in business, and me being a small business owner meant that there was no way to proceed. So we just kept saving and waiting things out and then tried again 6 months later.

Move ahead 6 months, hit the banks up again and this time finance was pre approved. In that 6 months the cost of the house we planned to build had increased by $40,000, the pandemic increase because trades are in hot demand and all put their prices up. This was starting to push our finances to the limit, after some changes with the builder we got costs down to closer to what we wanted to spend. Then the bank gave our file to an independent valuer and the valuation came back low. not by an insignificant amount either, but by $50,000. Not a problem really, but it meant that our 80%LVI became 95% LVI and with the mortgage insurance and the extra deposit needed we had to find $15,000 and so that plan was officially dead and buried. That 6 month delay just priced us out of being able to build a new home and everything that we could have desired.

So yet another talk with our mortgage broker and working out what we could afford for an existing property. Then the hunt was on to find a property that did not suck to much or was to much of a compromise on things we just could not live without and fit in with our requirements for work and the like, its not like we are funding this out of retirement savings, we still need to work and pay this off before retirement age.

After much debate and discussion the wife and I decided on a few places and started looking online at properties. Found a couple we both kind of liked and booked a viewing with the agent. When we drove down the driveway of the first place, it just felt homely and welcoming. We put and offer in on it the same day and it was accepted by the owner.

Went though all the drama again waiting on the bank, valuations and all that, this time very favorable, actually our offer was exactly the same as the valuation. Paper work has all been signed and we settle on the 28th of May. So between now and moving in I will not be posting here at all, or if I do it will be infrequently because as of this weekend my whole radio room will be packed up and the antennas will be taken down.

Not long now and we move from a city of 2 million to a small town of 800 people. 2 and 1/4 acres of I cant see nor hear my neighbors, i can put up a real antenna and have more than enough space to plant a fruit forest and grown all my own vegetables. I really cannot wait.

Asta La Vista Baby, I will be back.