Going Shopping

I am cooking pizza for dinner. Cant have pizza without pickled jalapenos, go to the fridge, jar is almost empty, go to the cupboard looks like Im all out. Go down to the garden and do a bit of shopping and pick a 2 litre ice cream tub full from the 2 tiny plants I have. Looks like I am pickling jalapenos tomorrow.


Stinkfest For Hams

Stinkfest For Hams presents a new ode du toilet, Dayton. We have taken only the finest fragrances and essences and mixed them into a representation of what it means to be a ham. We have taken the fruity notes of stale tobacco smoke, stale whisky and stale dorrito dust, mixed with the floral notes of body odor, bad breath and dirty underwear and mixed in the essences of laundry basket, basement black mold and fart along with the complexity of 40 years worth of dust and nicotine stains to give you this true representation of the ham fest experience. This multi purpose fragrance for mens men, can be used as a cologne, never before shaved and even as a personal deodorant and as a very special bonus we also have included mustard and ketchup stains and raw onion to round out the experience. This is a fragrance that will bring a tear to your eye in its simple yet eloquent ability to capture the experience of Dayton in a bottle. Dayton only $5 per liter at all good service stations.


To WOKE Or Not To WOKE, That Is The Question?

As I get older I find that I am becoming much more accepting of other people, especially those that are different to me. Rather than get upset about someone’s pronouns, I have decided to use gender neutral pronouns more generally. In that vein, I have made a new years resolution to refer to people who shit me off by using their gender neutral pronoun.