The Times, They Are A Changing

Yesterday I managed to work 3 new dxcc entities, Lakshadweep Island, Eastern Kiribati and Cocos-Keeling Islands. At a rough count, this gets me close to 200 entities worked. Maybe like 198 or 199, need to do a closer count of both logs with cross referencing to make sure, but its pretty close.

I have never had a tower, never had a beam, actually I have hardly ever changed antennas ever. The setup for the last 6 years has either been a 40m dipole and a tri band vertical or now a 40m 1/4 wave vertical and the same tri bander for 20, 15 and 10m. I have also never been one of those guys who pretends to be king of the dx and bragging how great he is while running a 2kw amp on FT8, lets face it we all know who they are and they are abundant.

I have always had goals, work dxcc as a f-call, done, build a transceiver, done, home brew 100w, done, learn cw, done, work 3 band dxcc, done, work dxcc in a calender year, done this year with 144 worked so far, while working 200 entities was never on the list I am surprised that even with my maximum of 100w and 2 vertical antennas I have gotten even close to working 2/3rds of what is possible.

So what’s next? I really do not know. I have pretty much accomplished everything that I set out to accomplish and then so much more and I have done it my way and staying true to myself. For a long time the assumption was getting to here would mean upgrading the license (that is going to happen), amping up, tower and yagi and dx easy mode, but I am actually thinking of going the entire opposite way even though I have built an amp in the last month that does 200w on 40m and with a change of fets will go 400w to 6m. Rather, upgrading the license still but going much more experimental.

Like packing away the Icom and putting a home brew CW rig there, by keeping the antennas I have and not beaming up like scotty, by running the station 24/7 doing propagation research with multiple receivers and transmitters running wspr and skimmers and transmitting cw and wspr on an hourly schedule and having nothing more than 5 watts on tap. I am thinking that the future is not more and bigger, but less and that actually seems much more compelling than spending my way into dx glory.

I think I now have a plan.