Transmit Receive Antenna Switching

Circuit Schematic

Front Face

Back Face.

Kind of obvious how it all works, pulling the BNC to ground changes over the amp relays from receive to transmit. 12v to the antenna relays to turn on the appropriate antenna port.

I will be controlling the antenna ports from a micro controller that is also changing over relays on the low pass filter board, which is also what I intend on building next.


Bodge Wires

When big black wires start to replace your beautiful traces, YOU FUCKED UP! HAHAHA

Other than the wiring error and the wrong footprint for the RCA jack, I think this amp tx/rx switching with 3 antenna ports should do the trick. Its been designed to handle 400w plus, but will get mated to a revision of the 100w amp I designed. I probably won’t even respin the board with fixes on it, I am only ever going to build 1 of these I do not need more amps than that HAHAHA