Digital QSL Cards

I know that there are a lot of purists out there who will rage and wet the bed about receiving QSL cards in the email, but I do not mind it. I know they count for nothing in most awards, but awards are not the be all and end all of ham radio. Just knowing that the other person took the time and effort to download some software and use it is good enough for me and more than enough confirmation I need.

The biggest problem I have is that I have confirmations on QRZ, Eqsl, LOTW and Cards and quite often someone will confirm on only one and not the others. While it would be nice to have all the confirmations in one place like LOTW, its just not the way of things and so I have changed my definition of dxcc to suit this reality. When I have 100 confirmations across all platforms that is my dxcc even if no one else will accept it. Lets face it, I am not paying the arrl $100 to get a bit of toilet paper printed in an inkjet mailed to me to hang on my wall and wank over like its the greatest thing ever. So why should I bother with using it as my count for 100 contacts confirmed.

This means I am currently sitting at 90 confirmed on 40m and I just need 10 more. I am closer to 3 band dxcc than I think. The hardest part is tracking things across 4 different platforms, luckily I do not have many cards I need to count in and QRZ tracks both its confirmations and LOTW’s so its just adding in the few others only on Eqsl.

And as for the above emailed card, this is the only station I have worked from Albania. Its as confirmed as I need and care for, though he should eventually also confirm on lotw. Now to send him a reply.