Tx Rx and Antenna Switching


Started to design up the next piece of the amp puzzle. transmit and receive switching as well as various antenna ports for all the antennas. While the graphic shows BNC connectors, they are in fact So239’s. On transmit the exciter comes in the radio port, gets sent to the amp input, the output of the low pass filters goes to the amp out and gets routed to one of the antenna ports. On receive the antenna port bypasses everything and gets routed to the radio port and receiver.

The transmit and receive relays are controlled by a PNP switch which when its base is pulled to ground, switches the relays over. The entire thing will be controlled by a micro controller with either a touch screen or some buttons. Have not decided on which yet, that part is still in the what am i going to do stage 🙂 If i really wanted to go poverty, i could use a 3 position switch on the antenna relays. But who really wants to be agricultural when you can go all ferrari.


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