Looks like Paul has been busy uploading logs. I took the special event call for a spin one time. Lets bring on another 10 years of WWFF in Australia. Great program, great people, great times.



2 thoughts on “VI10VKFF

  1. Great to see you’ve been able to Hunt the special anniversary callsign.

    I really need to get in and use the callsign before it finishes up.

    1. Hey Adam, hope you are well. I somehow missed your comments and only noticed them when cleaning up my mail box and doing some server house keeping. I really should do the same and take the call sign out for another spin before it winds up. I have been so focused on other things I have not really thought about going out and doing much, or anything for that matter HAHA. It was only when i got the card i thought i need to do a bit more of that.


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