3rd Time’s The Charm

Gotta love it when you get your nice and shiny new dedicated server up and running and configured right and then decide that it would be a good idea to upgrade the entire OS from version 8 to version 9 thinking that it would give newer software versions than currently installed only to realize that Red Hat is trying to phase out support for older hardware and the 10 year old Opteron server is no longer supported.

On the good side of all of this, other than waiting four hours for backups to upload because I am in an internet backwater and uploads here are slower than a wet week, my linux foo is such that it takes me no time to reconfigure the poorly configured template the host provides for this OS and can reconfigure everything from the hard drives to reinstalling the backups in about an hour.

As for the 3 month absence, well I had kind of decided that I no longer really wanted to keep this expense running for various reasons none of which i really want to name here, but I have since come to the conclusion, I really still do need a literary outlet and a place to store my achievements. And I do have quite a bit of home brew to share.


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