Chicken Pot Pie

Geepers creepers batman, its been nearly a month since I have posted anything here. Its not that I have not had plenty to post about, its just I have been so busy with stuff around here that I have not even thought about posting anything.

So, here was dinner, chicken pot pie with greens in garlic and butter. I pretty much grew all the vege in the garden and made the puff pastry from scratch. Cooked the pie in the fireplace oven for that firey goodness LOL.

Well hope to get back to posting about better things than this, when all I have been doing is painting walls and renovating the bathroom after discovering the shower was leaking. So regrouted the shower floor and sealed it, ripped up all the floor tiles and now am waiting on new flooring to arrive to lay. The joys of home ownership LOL.

Piece out.