15m Dead As A Door Nail

Band is open, no one is home. Had a SSB qso for 30mins with a friend of mine, on 15m, good signals both ways, he is on a beam, I am on a vertical, between us we should have been making enough noise to attract someone’s attention somewhere. But no, not a single breaker, no callers at the end, nothing. Just a bunch of crickets.

So i dropped down to CW and called a little just to see where I was being heard. VK, ZL, WANK, I was putting some signal somewhere, after calling for 10mins i gave it up as a waste of time just like I did a few days earlier when I was being heard in JA, EA and HS.

My mate had done the same thing, he was spotted in a few more places and after 30mins made 1 contact. So where the hell is everyone? Drop to FT8 and work a bunch of stations. But SSB and CW, its crickets.


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