Radial Plate

Doing a permanent install of the 40m vertical that I use and figured it needed a radial plate to make it look all pretty like. So I made one out of some 2mm aluminium scrap i had laying about.

A little bit of marking out.

A little bit of cutting out with the grinder cause I was lazy.

And finally a little bit of drilled out and ready to rumble, I added the angled bracket for installing a balun, unun or a remote tuner on.


2 thoughts on “Radial Plate

  1. Wow… fancy.
    I did something similar, except without the same neatness and attention to detail. In my defense though it does seem to work.

    1. Not sure that its all that neat Gerry, its just not overly messy HAHAHA. It will do the job though.

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