Propagating For The Great Wall Of Lavender

HAHA so much for working on antenna stuff today. Its a nice sunny day, after a week of miserable drizzly shit weather. So today we are propagating plants for the great wall of lavender. The process is simple enough.

Take the cuttings about yay long.

Strip off at least 3 nodes worth of leaves and tip out the top. Cut the base in a diagonal and remove a strip of bark.

Place the prepared cutting in seed raising trays

Get a shit load of them done, in this case its 6 each of 12 different varieties of lavender.

Put them in the green house and give them some water. Keep moist and in a month or so they will have grown roots, and a month after that be ready to pot up to grow on to get them big enough to plant out.

In a few months they will look like this.

And this. And when the latest 75 are ready for potting up, the previous ones will donate they pots back so that the cycle continues. Its all good fun.


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