10 Metery Goodness

A little bit in the morning, a little bit at lunch, the afternoon and the evening. The above plot represents most of the activity for a single day on 10m last week. And it was not all FT8 either, there were some workable stations on SSB and CW as well. A sign that conditions are actually improving.

Long story short, I am hamming on linux again. The windows PC causes RFI and nothing I can do will stop it. Cheep arse power supply and a mother board that is more antenna than not. So i dug out an old machine I had laying about that does not cause so much trouble and put a light weight version of linux on it  and so far its working well enough. I will make a huge post about it later and outline what works and what is a pain in the arse. Linux is still not quite up there for a permanent desktop solution, but its getting closer.



You know, I have tried to get this working right on more than one occasion. Failed many times to get it to decode anything. Well, today, its an Easter miracle. The bloody thing is now decoding a 10m beacon from New Zealand. No idea what i did differently, but I am going to take this as a win.