QRZ Lies And Other Jedi Mind Tricks

A person who makes a mistake and wrongs others in the process of making a mistake, who has honor and integrity and a sense of moral purpose who values the truth, apologizes for the harm they caused, they do not double down on stupid and try and jedi mind trick their way out of things and pretend nothing happened.

Notice the language used here, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, not 24 hours not a week, no duration of time, coupled with the long winded justification post that is now deleted to hide the truth shows the ban was permanent. If someone was implementing a 24 hour ban they would say, this ban will be for 24 hours.

So what actually happened was hams came out of the woodwork, people who have never posted om QRZ before and they raged. Raged because they want to keep the hobby of ham radio a-political.

Except when you want to politicize the hobby but as soon as its going to hurt your wallet your conviction crumbles. A real man can admit when he is wrong, a real man apologizes when he causes harm, a real man follows his own rules to the letter and is exemplary in all that he does and leads by example.

Your example Fred is that Might Is Right, the rules do not apply to you, you crush and ban anyone who disagrees with you, just like Pootin is doing in Russia to his people. You are just a less death happy power tripping dictator who thinks he can do what he likes as he likes and crush anyone who stands in his way.


Except a lot of people were BANNED. Oh they might have become unbanned but that does not change the fact that they were banned. So they were banned by mistake? In error? If that is the case, where is the apology.

The truth is, you fucked up, you opened Pandora’s box and got all political about the invasion of Ukraine. But instead of doing something rational like donating to Save The Children or The Red Cross, you went all fuckwit and tried to ham radio Cancel Culture Russian hams. People rightfully raged and many asked for refunds for services not rendered and breach of contract and because it was going to hurt you in the pocket, your conviction crumbled because it was a joke to begin with.

And rather than apologize for your mistakes, to the ham radio community who on mass rejected you and what you did, and for the harm caused to people, you doubled down on the jedi mind tricks and pretend like nothing happened it was all jokes and LOLz and now you are struggling to put a lid back on pandora’s box.

As for a real protest with conviction. I wont post on QRZ ever again. I cannot abide by liars, hypocrites and power trippers who abuse power and are above the rules they are there to enforce.

The post that got me banned for being too political. Yeah I called the mods and the owner a dictator like pootin, because its essentially true. The funny thing is, 4 posts after this the mod is talking about his views on Trump. Discussion of the great orange fuckwit is not politics, discussion demanding the rules be applied equally is politics. Welcome to the post truth world where Jews are now Nazi’s and we are not invading, we are going home.

73 QRZ, you can go and eat a dick.


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