I Can’t Do This Anymore

This post is politics. Do not read it if you don’t want to.

I am all for supporting Ukraine in its war. Ukraine is being invaded by Putin’s Russia and its allies. There is no doubt as to who is the aggressor and who is to blame for all of this. I am well ok with all of that. But what I am not ok with is hams going to war with hams over shit the fuckwits in charge are doing.

Its not Joe fucking average ham from Russia who is making the decisions, Putin could not give two fucks what his population thinks, so why are the fuckwits at QRZ declaring war on hams there. There are ways to show solidarity for Ukraine without all the pantomime and virtue signalling. I mean, way to get PooTin, he is going to crumble at the sanctions leveled on hams from his country.

I guess I have missed all the nets on 40m with PooTin as net control getting help from the nations hams to decide on the best way to be a fuckwit or not. All the naughty Russian hams touching people on the frequency.

Fucking Stupid.


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