Truth In Advertising

Its funny you know, I posted on QRZ about 10m being open and what I was doing and rather than anything positive, from the very first comment it was FT8 is killing ham radio rage. So, after having the above facebook post sent to me, it got me thinking, the very reason why I got out of most social media was because of the hairy palms types sitting in the corner wacking off just waiting for an Ohhh i gotcha now post.

So why is it that so many hams are so socially retarded that rather than say Good on you for having fun and getting on the air, they are bad on you for not getting on the air and having fun my way.

Ever seen rag chewer posts anywhere on social media? Its always a whine fest of someone touched me on the frequency, no one talks anymore, FT8 is killing ham radio. Its never I found a good rag and had a good chew. Maybe this is why no one wants to talk to them anymore, they are such miserable and boring cunts to begin with that everyone went to FT8 because of them.

I try and be positive, but really some days I just wanna beat people around the head with a stick and say wake up to yourself. I do radio for the sake of doing radio. I use all the bands and modes at my disposal and will go where the people are. Not whine no one likes me.


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