Useful Home Brew For The New Shack

Once upon a time in the old shack I could never find the tool I wanted just about ever. They were all piled into a spot with no sense of order. So after unpacking things and having them sit on the bench in a mess, I figured I would go out to the garage and build a nice caddy to store them all in. Other than needing to drill a couple of hole a bit bigger, It should do the job.

Welcome back home brew HAHAHA


One thought on “Useful Home Brew For The New Shack

  1. Well done Rob, I need to do the same with my tools.

    Just installed my 4 antenna remote antenna switch I put together using a 4ch remote key fob to switch between the antennas. Only need to supply power to it to work, looking into doing 12vdc injection via coax instead of a separate power line that I have at the moment.

    Cheers, Adam

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