Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog

I was just getting setup to mow some grass in our garden compound and bent over to pick up something that was in the way and spotted this little guy. The eastern dwarf tree frog is tiny, only 2.5cm long. Kind of lucky i saw him, because if i didnt, he would have been killed by the mower. Now he lives in among the potatoes.


Another one.


Shack Works

Been busy trying to get things done on my radio room. Windows now have fly screens, the security door and main door are in, the main door is being varnished, cables have been pulled though the floor, temporarily. So much yet to do, but making progress. The plan is to get the trim finished this week and get it to undercoat and have the flooring down. Need to move some stuff out here so the wife can setup her xmas tree inside. If I push hard for the next 2 weeks I could be at the point of building the desk for the starship enterprise.