Mulberry Wine

Wine racked to demijohns for secondary fermentation. This year I have made 5L of Shiraz and 10L of mulberry.
Initial taste of the mulberry is good, to give you an idea what its like at the moment, think a rather sweet lambruscco, very little actual mulberry flavor, but a nice balance of acid and sweetness and kind of fruity and fresh, I think this should drink well when its young.

From here we let it ferment to dry, then bulk age for 6 months racking 2 or 3 times to remove sediment, back sweeten to our tastes, then bottle and drink 6 months later, maybe longer, it takes however long it takes.
The 1.5L bottle is the dregs of the primary fermentation. Will leave it sit for 3 days and then refrigerate and drink it as a sparkling wine to see how its coming along. ALC is currently 9% and should finish out around 12%.


Wine Making Day


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