On The Air

Got excited yesterday and put some connectors on the length of coax i bought the other day. Fired up the radio and got on 15m and worked a bunch of USA and SE Asia on FT8. A quick look at what is happening on Parks and Peaks this morning and worked a SOTA in ZL on 20m CW and a WWFF in VK2 on 40m SSB.

Got some rather horrid pulsing noise now also, can almost bet its the new power supply that I put in the computer. The noise blanker takes care of it, but it would be nice not to have it. Once I have posted this I will shut down the PC and see if my theory is correct.

Oh and I am going to drop some more radials on the 40m vertical today, should be able to improve its performance a lot with 8 radials the right length compared to the 3 random bits of wire I have there ATM LOL.

EDIT: it was not the PC, whatever the pulsing noise was has now gone. We are back to just storm static which is almost tolerable 😉


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