The Toxic Culture Of Ham Radio Social Media

Where do i even start. What the fuck is wrong with some people. I mean seriously, why are do so many hams have the social skills of a potato, are narcissists, sociopaths, experts on everything, the arbiters of what is and is not “REAL” ham radio and or are just down right total fuckwits.
I know I am not alone in this position, although my take on it is much more blue collar than pretend to be holy because I just do not care what a bunch of whiney cunts think about the language I use on my blog where I am the judge of what is allowed and not.

Ultimately, if you do not like what i post about, or the language that I use, just fuck off already because no one is asking you to read my blog. You see, what you self indulged and entitled man children don’t understand is that my blog is not about you, its not even for you, its nothing more than a record of what I am doing, its a diary if you will, not an encyclopedia of me telling you how to do anything. I am not here to be your teacher and I am not asking you fuckwit experts to help me, I am just keeping a record of what I am doing and nothing more.

So what got me so fired up this time 🙂 HAHA, well its been building for sometime. People who I know and respect have been getting hammered online from total fuckwits who think they are the king of ham radio and one particular email i received that was abusing me for posting to much about gardening and not about ham radio. Well, sorry you poor cunt, but I do not live my life for your entertainment, I live it for my own enjoyment and currently my garden brings me much more joy than dealing with fuckwits like you.

For some time I have been removing myself from all ham radio social media and in the few places I still read, I have been posting less and less and taking much less interest in what is going on. Ultimately, I really do not have anything to say about ham radio that I have not said plenty of times before, so I am saying nothing. Ham radio social media is not about persuasion or consensus, it is about team A yelling at team B and doing a performance for your tribe to show them how woke you are. The whole WIA vrs RASA wars were nothing more than this and for quite sometime I was involved in it, until i realized what was actually happening and told them both to fuck off. I am just not interested.

The ultimate awakening came about a month ago as to just how toxic ham radio online is. I made a post in a gardening group, nothing fancy just a very typical post that i would have made in a ham radio group, a picture and a few words about what I was doing and the ultimate goal. That post got like 600 likes and 50 odd comments that were all positive and encouraging. Now lets contrast that to the last post I made in a ham radio group with 2 times the members. 10 likes and 5 comments which were all internet experts who have never posted anything they have done trying to tell me I am doing it all wrong and showing people how they are experts at ham radio.

The difference is chalk and cheese. Now I do not post for the likes, but, ultimately where are you going to spend your time and effort. In a place where your contribution is appreciated or are you going to throw pearls to swine where your contribution is not appreciated? The choice is simple yeah? Much like Cheers, you want to go where everyone knows your name or shows you are appreciated or welcome.

Ultimately if you post in a ham group or forum about a baofeng or something stupid that allows people to argue, those posts gather 100’s of comments because every cunt can have an opinion even when they have no idea what they are talking about they will make it all about them. But if you post cool and interesting they say and do nothing because you have not given them the opportunity to make it about them or do a dance for their tribe to show they are woke or anti woke. This is why 50 years after the fact you still have code and no code debates, because those who did the code test have to show others that they are the kings of ham radio because they had it tougher.

So to wrap this up and keep it under 1000 words 🙂 my reply to anyone who emails me some stupid shit telling me to be their black fella and dance for them is pretty much the same. Go eat a dick, you are not you when you are hungry and once you are full, go fuck yourself with a retractable baton.

And if this post leaves you feeling triggered, cry me a river noddy, no one gives two fucks what irrelevant arseholes like you think.