Home Sweet Home

So a couple of days back it was cold after the big storms we had, I was sitting here at the computer in track pants and shoes, typing something up. I went to get up, stood on the leg of my pants lost balance and went down like a sack of shit taking the computer, a chair, my phone, camera and a bunch of other shit I had stacked near by to the ground.

Fuck it hurt, I threw my back out, bruised a knee and a shoulder as well as that, it killed my PC, which after a quick diagnosis was just a blown power supply. Nothing major or expensive. Which brings me to the title of this post. Fuck its good to be back home. LOL

To get a new power supply I had to drive into Brisbane, I mean i could have paid more and got one kind of local, but I have been putting off driving in there for some other stuff anyway. So it was one trip to get a bunch of stuff done and even then there were some other things i should have done while there that i really could not be arsed going through the hassle to get done.

Its only been 5 months since we left, but man its so much less stressful here. In Brisbane I had to wear a mask because of covid, i had to check in everywhere with a government app and I had to deal with fuckwits. In the one street alone where the computer store is, I was almost involved in 3 accidents from fuckwits in a hurry to go no where and not looking at what is happening around them, 2 of them in the drive way of the computer store.

Then at the electronics store where I went to get some coax, no one in the store, just me and 2 sales people and they just watched me measure out 20m of coax and cut it, wind it up and take it to the counter and then I had to wait 5 mins at the register while one of them finished playing with his own dick just to get served.

Anyway the drive there and back was fine, no traffic to speak of, no temporary Australians with a death wish overtaking on blind corners, the drive was uneventful but I am so glad to be home. Dealing with people is tiresome. And now I am home, the computer is fixed and I get back to business as usual on my 2 1/4 acres of stay the fuck away from me. LOL


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