The mulberry has to be the king of fruit trees. You can eat them fresh, use in cakes, muffins, jam, ice cream and sorbet etc, makes a great wine (my main use). They require very little inputs of water and fertilizer, have few bugs, pests and diseases, and produce a lot of fruit. The wood is sort after by high end furniture makers, the leaves are fed to worms to make silk. There is so much this one tree provides and you can keep them small and in containers and they will be just as happy.

The three large trees in the foreground I am going to prune like a chainsaw masochist next winter when dormant. I will essentially cut them back to head height to make picking so much easier. Cant be arsed with climbing ladders to get the upper most fruit. While we might take a hit on fruit for next year, it will place the trees well for the next few years after that. But with 7 trees, I will have more than enough fruit to make wine from even with a smaller harvest.

Gotta love the mulberry 🙂


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