Had a family of plovers move into the front yard. Mum, Dad and 4 kids. So i go out to see if i can get a photo of the babies and the parents lost their shit. But after I mowed half the front yard, they decided it was time to move house because the neighbors are too noisy LOL.


Spring Has Sprung

Spring has really kicked off here and the trees are putting on a lot of new growth and starting to put on things to eat.

Pomegranate has a bunch of flower buds.

The mulberries are covered in fruit and won’t be long till I am turning most of them into wine.

Finally the blueberries are going gangbusters and are covered in fruit also.


Dolls Bed

Got a request from the wife to make her a dolls bed for her kindy class. This is what I came up with using scrap i had laying about here. A bit of filler and some sanding and it should come up looking alright.




This guy has taken to visiting us every day. 6am this morning he was in the same place and sang a nice song. If you know how loud a kookaburras call is, and how quiet our place is, you would know there is just no sleeping in after that LOL


The Giant Shack Build


So its begun, finally. I know I thought I would get to this much sooner, but got bust with other stuff and building my radio room got put on the back burner. Anyway, over the last couple of days we have done a few trips to the hardware to get most of the stuff needed to get the back sunroom build in.

After working out there is not really a square wall in the whole room, I got to laying down the ply subfloor, there will be oak flooring going over the top of this. Tomorrows job will be to start building the end wall which is behind me where I am standing in the picture. Once I have that up, things should go pretty quick.


Before And After

First thing was to spray the grass and weeds to kill them off.

Next was start clearing out what I could and then in with more poison to kill what remained.

Some more clearing out.

And this is where I am at. Need to buy a chainsaw now to take the smaller trunks down to ground level and to drop a few of the trees that we do not really want. But, its now open and not a hiding spot for snakes and other things that will kill you.


Brown Death


Never had time to grab a real camera, these were quick snapes on my phone so you may have to scan in to see things better. But looks to me like an eastern brown snake roaming around my place. Just what i need LOL