Garden Expansion

Another day, another project. I finished up the hare proofing of our berry garden, 3 strands of plane wire and then dog mesh. Should be more than good enough to keep the hares out and i doubt the deer will have a crack at jumping that and if they do, i will add some barbed wire to really piss them off.

Also added the strainer posts for the grape vine trellis. Those posts are 800mm into the ground, dont think they are going anywhere. I would have gone a little deeper but it was getting next to impossible to crow bar the bottom and remove the spoil. Next job is to run a few strands of plane wire and then plant the first 3 vines. There is enough space in this row for about 8 vines. The first 3 are table grapes and the next 5 will be wine grapes. If i cant makes some plonk from that there is something wrong with me LOL


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