Cancel Culture: I’ve Been Canceled


I was actually the first F-Call to ever win the DXer of the year award from the WIA. I did it before the changes that allowed F-Calls to use digital mode. The WIA website used to show on its leaderboard that I had achieved this award in 2016 and would have also won it in 2014 and 2015. But not anymore. I have been canceled by the WIA and every trace of what I achieved as an F-Call has been removed from the website entirely. Not sure whose cornflakes i pissed on, but here we are rewriting history to suit their agenda. I got the trophy, i wonder if they are coming next to take that back also HAHAHA.

Jesus, ham radio politicians are so thin skinned and pissweak individuals and then they wonder why no one wants to join their club of fuckwittery.


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