Not Enough Data

One of the “FUN” things about moving to a new location is working out how the propagation works. Times for openings, where those openings go, you know, all the knowledge that you have accumulated over time for one place that might not translate to another.

With that in mind, yesterday I started hitting the RBN and seeing what becomes of it. So late afternoon I started calling every half hour or so just to ping the RBN. What soon became obvious to me, is that I do not have enough data to even think about drawing a conclusion.

The thing that confuses me the most, is the one spot in USA followed by one spot from 4CT, essentially on the grey line propagation went from DX to NVIS, its not like the MUF would have increased that much in the dark that short distance communications would have improved that much.

Now that one spot from 4CT could be ground wave, but where did all the DX go? Nothing from New Zealand, Japan or the USA and these are bread and butter spot locations. So all i have at the moment is confusion. What i need to do is dig out the WSPR rig, make sure its working and leave it to run for a week so i can actually get a much better picture of what is going on.

In the mean time, I am working many more VK park stations just because I can now hear them. Thats a good thing yeah 🙂


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