Prepping Garden Bed 1

These vege gardens were well over grown and full of weeds when we moved in. Going to take a bit of work to bring them back to good use, so i am making a start now so that they are ready for spring.

Raked up all the chickweed and other bits of rubbish and put it all into the compost. It will go back into the beds eventually, once it rots down to nothing.

Took all the packing paper from the move and put a continuous layer over the bed, this will smother out the weeds and rot down rather quickly adding carbon to the soil.

Next I put on a thin layer of well rotted wood chips, this will hold down the paper and also rot down all be it more slowly. Will still add structure to the soil over time.

And here we are with the bed all done. Next I need to add a layer of soil over the top and to then mulch that for even more weed suppression. I got some digging to do still LOL. 1 down, 2 more to go.