Compare The Pair

Pretty much where we currently live is an RF canyon. The above 2 images are a comparison of where I am and where I am going. My RX has always been 3 or so S points down here compared to my TX. Simply because I have no view of the horizon. Essentially I am surrounded by obstructions, houses on 3 sides that are higher than my antenna, and only a few KM to the west are the great dividing range, mountains that are 500m higher than me.

The 2nd image is where I am going, where I have a rather uninterrupted view to the horizon. Not only will my noise floor be much lower, I will also be able to receive better because there is no real obstruction to attenuate the incoming signals. Beggers cannot be choosers most of the time but after 10 years in a sub optimum environment for RF, I am looking forward to going somewhere that is going to be much better. But hey, I worked 2 DXCC’s from this crap location. Not bad all things considered.