Special event call station. 100 years of the Air Force i think it is without looking it up on QRZ


2 thoughts on “VK100AF

  1. Nice work Rob, have you worked VI100AF too?

    I’ve had the opportunity to use VI100AF back on 21 March at National Military Vehicle Museum at the back of RAAF Edinburgh SA. I’ll be using VK100AF on SSTV 23-24 May.

    Thanks for the call on 20m SSB while in a park, I feel very privileged to have you in my log after such a long time.


    1. I have been looking out for you and listening for you, but just don’t hear you. The noise levels here do not help. To work you today I tuned up the 40m dipole because I could not hear you on the vertical. Which meant I was not putting out as much signal as i could. Where we are is like a giant RF black hole. So much goes around us or the skip zone is not friendly either.

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