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    1. Depends on if its ground mounted, or mounted in the air. But, assuming in the air, 4 elevated radials at a 45deg angle is perfect.

        1. No problem. I used to use a station master for 20 and 10m before I got the tribander. Worked fine enough with 4 radials for each band. I bypassed the loading coil and then used the radials to tune the antenna into band.

          1. Hi Rob
            I made a similar antenna for 20,40 and 80 with a biger coil 65 turns a aligator clip to change bands the radiator with 18 feet no radials cause was instaled on my camping trailer,worked very well the only inconvenience was that i had to climb to the trailer roof to change bands.
            I see pics of staion master for 11 i want to build one but don’t know what size is the coil in diameter,looks like 1 inch and 10 turns
            Thankyou Rob 73 de ve3tww/va3lmx

          2. Rob i am going to try 6 cm I wanted to send a picture of the one on my trailer but don’t know how
            73 and have a good night

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