STM32F401 and PlatformIO

So I am trying to find a new micro to use. Arduino had too many limitations, ESP32 has I2C issues with certain libraries and I just want milk that tastes like real milk. I do not think that it is all that much to ask that your crap just works and does what its meant to. And so here I am trying to find something new that is not all that expensive and kind of just works. I may have found it with the STM32 Blackpill and ST-Link.

Setup in platformIO is just a matter of selecting the right board type and letting the software download the required files and editing the dot ini file to setup certain parameters.

Pretty much all i did here was change the upload protocol to stlink because i have never been able to get dfu to work ever for whatever reason. The other thing I like about using an external programmer is that I get full debugging of the code and i do not have to pull the board in and out of my circuit all the time to program it, or in the case of the arduino’s pulling the IC off the board all the time.

Actually the main thing I am after is the ability to have interupts on any pins I like, not just on the 2 that arduino gives. If the bloody libraries for ESP32 would work right with the SI5351a i would not have had to go down this path. But alas I cant fix it and I am not sure those who are smarter than me can either. Plenty of hacks out there as workarounds, but that just ends up breaking other things I have on the I2C bus. So for now, it looks like I might be going blackpill. And you know what they say, once you go black, you never go back.


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