My Trace Is The Fuse

So i was slowly creeping up on giving this all the amps. Moved it from my 10A current limited lab power supplies to the 40A monster I use to run the radios, which has no over current protection at all. This is not normally an issue, when things go from production to daily drive, they get fancy things like input fuse protection to protect the wiring from melt down if something goes dead short.

Now the amp, it works, works really good. With very little gate bias and very little drive, at 13.8V supply, I was getting 50W out and it was not even breaking a sweat or getting hot. So i figured it was time to up the ante and turn the gate bias up, slipped with the multimeter probe and shorted it out and gave it all the amps.

Like Tim the Toolman I gave it 40A of raw power LOL and the main power trace became a fuse and it gave up the ghost. Anyway, 50W is the most stable and usable power I have ever made and this thing will go much higher than that. With the right drive and bias combination i can see 75W+ plus out of it. But even at 50W it will run all day and not break a sweat. And mostly that is what i care about, Having something that will run all day and not be stressed out rather than something making all the watts but on the verge of wanting to take an eye out when a FET explodes.

Next version of the board will be fuse protected. Actually, all the boards I have sitting ready to be send off for manufacture are about to get fuse protection 🙂


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