The Last Post Of 2020



We have ticked off all the holidays and have survived the dumpster fire of 2020. Stay safe and stay well everyone. I will see you on the other side in 2021. May it be a whole lot better than this last year has been.




7 thoughts on “The Last Post Of 2020

  1. Happy New Year Rob, thanks for all the posts and enjoyed some of your humor as usual.

    Just got to 100 unique VKFF park activations the other day with a total of 35 new parks this year. Now to get to the 44 contact level for them.

    Cheers, Adam

    1. I have seen you activate a few times, just have not heard you, or if i did, it was to weak or i missed you on 20m LOL. You know how it goes. I cant wait for this covid crap to end and to have hopefully moved house so i can also get out and start doing some parks. Its been a bloody long time since i have really done anything. I think i have only done about 60 parks with just over 44 of them completed. I should go look and see.

      Stay safe Adam.

  2. Rob,

    Happy New Year, Rob.
    I’ve enjoyed your posts and really admire your neat workspace. I’ve been meaning to ask you – where do you keep all your parts? That’s my problem. I have no good system for storing all the garbage that we need to build our stuff.
    73s, Jack W6VMJ

    1. Thanks Jack. Behind me, i have a set of shelves filled with parts trays that keeps most of the stuff sorted 🙂

  3. Look mate, 2020 was a p.o.s. on so many levels but the one highlight for me was legit putting you in my log, my horrible fist be damned. Maybe in 2021 you will get something beyond scrambled jibberish from my locality. Happy New Year my friend! Best wishes for you and yours from us here at CN86jc. Stay safe, stay bogan! :-0

    1. HAHAHA Cheers Eric. Hey now we know we can do it with our pissant stations, we should try and do it more often. We might even get an opening that that will work for SSB.

      1. Looking forward to it! Hopefully my mate here will have his wife back soon so I can be here at home more often. Best wishes your way.

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