Arduino’s 90Deg Overture

Rather than play software and try and get quadrature working on the ESP32, i busted out the Arduino and jumpered it in with dupont wires.

I do not know why my scope channels are so off, swapping the probes about gets the same values in reverse, for some reason, channel 2 is measuring lower than channel 1. MEH

Oh and this is what I am working on. Voltages all work out, i just need to put some signals into it and see if i can get anything intelligible out of it. The phasing receiver is a mix and match of stuff by plenty of others. I did not know what to set the gain of the polyphase input amps, so i just winged it and went with 10X. I have seen everywhere from 1x to 50x so its anyones guess until i measure whats coming out of them. I probably have 5v p-p to play with in the opamps.

So it sort of works. Not very good, But i think i can make it better.


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