What Comes After Version 2.0

So today and tonight I have been playing with some modules i had made and the prototyping baseboard and already I am thinking about version 3.0 HAHA. One thing i need is some more convenient ground points for when i start stuffing probes up its clacker. So far i have the start of a 40m transceiver. Low pass filter, bandpass filter, rf preamp and switchable attenuators. Tomorrow I hope to get a direct conversion receiver happening, TX/RX switching, and if I get time, a simple CW transmitter.

Not sure about the audio amp either, even with no input its drawing a ton of current and it runs quite hot even with that quite substantial heat sink. It probably needs more heat sink, but it does out out like 10 watts and can drive a huge speaker. Will have to think more on this and see what I come up with.


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