Prototyping Board V2.0

So after playing with the old version of my prototyping system for a while and building some modules for it and making some noises with it, i started to get a handle on its short comings and there were many. But i think that I have addressed them in this latest version.

The main differences here is that I have moved all the power stuff to the back, added in a audio amp and 2 speakers on the board. You can just see them poking out from under the LCD, they might be tiny but are rated at 2w each. The audio amp has a 2n3904 preamp followed by a TDA2003 amp and should be fine for 5w of output.

All the digital stuff has been moved to the main board now, rather than on a card and everything important has been broken out. The ESP32 is connected to WIFI and i can program it over WIFI so there is no more connecting cables and the like. Extra pads near each daughter boards means routing signals between modules is now much easier.

All around the improvements should mean I will be able to burn though a ton of though hole parts over the xmas break and get rid of them from my life HAHA. Most likely what will happen, I will build something I like and end up keeping it LOL. Once i have finished testing the board, I will add the schematic, PCB files and the code to get the VFO running, so everyone can have at it, if they choose to.


I did it again. Designed something and then used the wrong part. In this case I designed the audio amp using a TDA2003 and I have 30 of them coming from LCSC. I thought that I had a couple of them here already, but NO NO NO. I have TDA2050 which is a totally different part requiring different components. LOL, Anyway, i have 1 TDA2003 that i got gouged on from an Ebay seller in Sydney and it will be here probably early next week. So the final testing is going to have to wait until then.


Everything is working and tested except for the TDA2003 audio amp. I have no reason to think it wont work, so downloader beware, use at own risk. Or wait a week until i have parts in my hand to test it.


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